Why Microchip?


You take your dog everywhere.  He's your best friend, your wing-man, your side kick.  One day you are driving to the park for your morning run and you are in an accident.  Your buddy is nowhere to be found and you are on your way to the hospital. Now what?

It's not something we want to think about, losing our pet in any way.  But if by chance your pet gets out of the back yard, gets loose in public and your can't find him and he can't find you - are you prepared?  

Microchipping can be the best way to protect your pet against unexpected, terrifying events that could occur.  By inserting a tiny microchip under the loose skin between the shoulder blades, you can ensure that if your pet is found without any other identification, it can be scanned and tracked back to your veterinarian's office and then returned to you or tracked directly to you.  

Give us a call or let us know during your pet's next visit if you would like to know more about microchipping your pet. To read more, we recommend the microchipping information page on Petfinder.   To make an appointment to microchip your pet call us today.  334.677.0800.